Liquid dust suppressant
(calcium chloride)

Responding to the needs of both municipalities and industry managers, ICECAT Salt distributes a BNQ-certified liquid dust suppressant based on calcium chloride (30 – 35%). This turnkey formula helps to effectively keep dust on the ground as well as moisture making your roads safer, while respecting ecotoxicological and environmental standards. Its use increases the visibility of drivers, reduces nuisances caused by vehicle traffic, increases road safety and reduces air pollution.


Our product, from Modular Chemical Systems, is mainly used on unpaved surfaces and gravel or dirt roads. Our liquid dust suppressant can also be applied to bicycle paths, trails, sports fields and similar surfaces. Calcium chloride remains a cost-effective choice as it is the best performing dust control product on the market. ICECAT Salt is your partner in summer safety! Contact us now at 819 693-8595.


  • Construction sites
  • Unpaved surfaces
  • Gravel or dirt roads
  • Bicycle paths
  • Trails
  • Sports fields